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 Who knew two morons from Roxborough could come up with the idea for a theatre company, let alone execute it? Founders Sean Connolly and Gabe Henninger mustered all their skills and wits to create the Manayunk Theatre Company. What began as a joking conversation in college came to life in the guise of a brand new theatre initiative and a British murder play. Cute, right? But these two won't stop there. They have big plans for Manayunk and you know what they say about guys with big plans . . . they make bad jokes.  But all joking aside, the Manayunk Theatre Company looks forward to entertaining and educating the Manayunk community with exciting, provacative, original works.


Manayunk Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 nonprofit theatre company, sworn to serve Manayunk and the surrounding community: fostering education and artistry by providing high-quality programs for youth and adults and producing professional performances to entertain and engage. Theatre is a way to discuss big issues or laugh about small ones. The Manyunk Theatre Company is committed to bringing these things and much more to the broader Manayunk neighborhood. 


Founders, Sean Connolly and Gabe Henninger, with the cast of Splatter

“This brand new little theatre company does a commendable job”

― Kathryn Osenlund, writer for phindie, in a review for Splatter

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