Status Update: An Internet Cabaret

Tired of working your thumbs to the bone with all that scrolling and trolling on your phone? No? Well, that makes sense. When Boomers tell you to get off the internet and interact with the world they just sound like idiots. Have you seen that Twitter Page that rates dogs? It's a delight from tip to toe! So we propose an alternative. Bring your phones to us! We here at MTC have culled some of the best posts the internet has to offer and brought them right to you for your viewing pleasure. A batch of Philly's best will bring these on screen sensations to life right in front of you. It's like a watching a Vine Compilation but without the depressing knowledge that Vine is dead. So grab a beer, pop a squat, and wear some knee pads, because you're going to be slapping them babies all night- or at least blowing slightly more air out of your nose than normal.

Where: Bourbon Blue

Tickets: $10 for one, $17 for two!


March 17th, 2020 - 7pm Start, Irish Band to Follow!

Fringe 2020

Details to come!